Chris Brown is a Biostatistician and Research Fellow at the NHMRC Clinical Trials centre at the University of Sydney.  The CTC provides assistance to investigators designing and conducting clinical trials in Australia.

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in maths and stats at the University of Sydney in 2002 then worked at software company SPSS until 2005.   Since then he has completed the Masters of Biostatistics administered through the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia.


Chris recently become an academic and has quickly developed a publication track record.  He is an author on over 15 peer reviewed manuscripts published since 2009.  He has also been a co-author on a number of conference presentations and posters at national conferences and large international meetings.

A member of the Statistical Society of Australia, his main statistical research interests are in areas of sequential trial design, randomisation methods, time to event and interim analysis.  He also has an interest in applications of statistical methods to genetic research in particular Genome Wide Association Studies.

He has wide range of teaching experience in the areas of biostatistics.  At the post graduate level he is a course coordinator of the Clinical Trials subject in the School of Public Health Masters program and a subject in the Masters of Clinical Trials Research program.  He has been also been involved in a number of other teaching courses, lectures and concept development workshops.