Software Services

CStats has experience with all the major statistical software packages:

  • SPSS – my Go-To package: easy to learn, easy to use, easy to teach
  • R – this will be the package of all statisticians in the future
  • STATA – great where an interface is required and SPSS isn’t available
  • SAS – has a complex powerful toolbox, requires a big computer

Some 1-on-1 tutoring in the use of a statistical package is a great way to increase your skills and speed.  Get in contact if you would like some help.

Software Development

CStats primarily uses the following programming languages and development platforms:

  • Python – Perfect tool for writing programs for pretty much any job.
  • iOS – Required to develop apps for the iOS platform.

Have a data problem and need someone to help you make is a reality?  Chris loves solving problems and can help with a part or the whole project.