My Ireland project

I’m pleased to announce the first publication on my new project.  Well not really but it is the first newsletter from the Cancer pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics (CAPPE), Trinity College Dublin.  This is one of the research groups which the National Cancer Registry is collaborating with on this project.

Here is excerpt about my project:

Research Profile: Chris Brown, Statistician/Epidemiologist, National Cancer Registry Ireland

CAPPE NewsletterOvarian cancer is a significant problem in Ireland. It is currently the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and our long-term mortality rates are among the highest in Europe. There is growing evidence that commonly taken drugs (such as NSAIDs, statins and beta-blockers) may have anti-cancer effects. This project will extend previous breast cancer research by the group (Barron et al. and more recently Eva Flahavan and Susan Spillane), into the study of ovarian cancer. Specifically, it will investigate associations between the use of these drugs and how far the disease has spread at diagnosis, risk of recurrence and survival. The HRB-funded project will involve collaboration with colleagues at Queen’s University Belfast. It will bring together for the first time data from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain, to ensure we have sufficient data to draw meaningful conclusions.